Handcrafted frames made in Cheshire
Handcrafted frames made in Cheshire


After much thought we have finally decided to cease trading from August 2017

Many thanks to all those who have previously entrusted their cherished artwork to us.

I will leave the website operating for a few months. 

Bespoke Framing Services

Artist Loft handcraft Frames and Mounts for anything you might want to display in your home or office...

...we are regularly asked to frame:

  • paintings and drawings
  • limited edition prints and fine art photographs
  • craft and needlework projects
  • posters
  • certificates
  • family portraits
  • heritage photographs

...as well as memorabilia such as:

  • sports shirts and equipment
  • medals
  • models and family treasures.

Our standards are very high and all our work follows industry best practice and, where appropriate, utilises conservation or museum standard methods and materials.

In addition we stretch painted canvases, as well as stretch and mount kneedlework projects, using both modern or traditional methods...your choice.

...in short we can mount and frame almost anything (just ask) - all from our Loft Studio in the centre of Davenham village.


We are also often asked to handcrafted bespoke mirrors to suit clients specific requirements.

We are often asked about prices.

As we only craft bespoke (one-off) frames this always depends on three things:

  1. the quality of the materials chosen and their cost 
  2. the size of the object to be framed and the quantity of materials required
  3. the complexity of the clients requirements

As these variables are inevitably different for every project we undertake, it isn't possible to have a standardised price list. However, it is reasonable to say that the vast majority of pictures/photographs/prints we are asked to frame fall within the £35-£85 price range, with sports shirts likely to be around £100-£110 (we think they are worth the extra effort required to make them look special).


We always provide a fixed price quote which is valid for 30 days, and we never take money from a client until the project is completed and they are happy with the finished frame!

We take pride in our work

The items we frame are always valuable, but their worth is not necessarily measured financially. In fact, the majority of what we frame has indeterminate monetary value but is still cherished, often because it is irreplaceable; we understand this, that's why we apply high standards to all our work. 

You can read a little more about picture framing and making a picture frame here Picture Framing

  • We have high standards and always utilise quality materials, techniques and methods.
  • Where appropriate we will recomend and use conservation and/or museum quality methods and materials as published by the Fine Art Trade Guild.
  • We have available numerous types of glass and acrylic, from standard picture glass to any number of non-reflective or anti ultra-violet combinations, to suit virtually any requirement for environment or safety.
  • Our standard Mountboard is Alphamat by Bainbridge. Not only is this board fully conservation compliant - but it is the only board of its type in the world, that actively helps protect your artwork from long term environmental pollution. Follow this link to find out more. We also utilise mountboard from other major manufacturers such as Daler or Colormount, to obtain just the right colour or texture!

 Our standards are high, but our charges are not!


Why settle for less?


Click here to see a few recent commissions.
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